Get notified over email when a customer calls you in your website

Connect a personal or shared inbox to VidioCall to receive notification emails when a customer video calls. You can connect multiple personal inboxes to VidioCall from our dashboard.

A team email address is an email address that multiple users have access to and use to communicate with customers. You can also connect a team email address for your full team to be present to answer customer sales calls.

How it works

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Key Benefits

  • Attend to your hottest customer sales queries real-time
  • Manage small teams without any CRM tool, and increase your customer response time
  • Email is easy and simple way to train your sales person to adopt to VidioCall

Before you start

  • You must have Admin permission in your VidioCall account. Only Admins can add a user and access integrations configuration.
  • Enter an email address that you use for your work. Most of time time this is your personal id or your company official email address.
  • Check your spam for first few calls and mark emails as not spam in order to receive all VidioCall emails in your inbox.

Setup Guide

Follow the steps below to enable Gmail notification in VidioCall.

Step 1

Add email addresses to your team member.

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Step 2

Assign roles to each team mate as “Sales Agent” for them to be notified on email.

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Step 3

Enable email notification in the integrations tab.

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