Convert your hottest leads right from Slack

Slack is a digital workplace that helps the team complete tasks faster. Tools like VidioCall when integrated with Slack can notify all the Slack channel members about a task - directly within Slack. The days of wasting time switching between tools are gone. Instead, work where you want with VidioCall and Slack.

How it works

Receive Slack channel notification when a customer video calls on your website.

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Key Benefits

  • Attend to your hottest customer sales queries via real-time video call
  • Get notified in a place where you work and without switching between tools.
  • VidioCall with Slack integration improves your customer response time to the fastest possible.

Before you start

  • You must be an administrator for the Slack workspace you want to install the integration to. If you’re not a Slack administrator, you will need to contact your Slack administrator to give you access.

  • You must have Admin permission in your VidioCall account. Only Admins can enable Slack integration.

Setup Guide

Follow the steps below to enable Slack notification in VidioCall.

Step 1

Go to your integrations tab in VidioCall dashboard. And click on “Add to Slack” button.

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Step 2

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Follow the installation process, Choose a Slack channel to post your notifications. All members of the channel will be able to see when a VidioCall notification subsequently.

Step 3

Press “Allow” to approve permission to VidioCall app to work with your workspace. Once you’ve approved the requested permissions, you’ll be redirected back to VidioCall.

You are now ready to receive Slack notifications when a customer vidiocalls you.